Tiny Institute, waxing for him and her, facial and body care with french and organic brand "Oxalia", hand and foot care, anti calluses feet with "Yumi feet", slim body care with Toulouse brand "Starvac", sun tanning without UV with french brand Sun Institute


           The professional products from Oxalia that I use during care are 99% natural and organic certified with more than 50 % of the organics ingredients. There are created and made in Montpellier.


         I can do slimming and firming body cares and treatment for stretch marks. For the face, I can do anti ageing care and detox with a new technology STARVAC, a Toulouse brand. Knew to be one of the first company in slimming technology since 45 years.


         I can provide you sun tanning without UV with the french brand SUN INSTITUTE.


        To recover baby feet, you can do my Yumi feet care.


You can also find make-up from the french brand Enatae. It's a natural and mineral and vegan brushes.


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